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president obama is hair and he will be leaving san francisco. it is to win or go home for both area bay baseball teams. they both face elimination. we will also track the weather for you.
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>> a satellite and radar shows the there are light showers for some of our bay area. as i show you hear a lot of this system is shifted to the south so we could see some sprinkles tomorrow as well. as we take a look at our temperatures right out the door is in the upper '40's. i will show you where these numbers are expected to go. >> in as we continue to monitor conditions in the area we are looking at a 16 to 18 minute drive. south bay is not to bed and it is still very light for the no. they ride as well. >> in the latest with the proceedings from the court
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house. jerry sandusky is inside and he will be sentenced in the penn state. his arrival to the court house. sandusky gave a preview to what he is expected to say and the statement was broadcasted. the former coach states that he is still anisette and he will fight it. he described himself as a victim. so we will follow the latest and no cameras are allowed in the courtroom at this time. f six of the accusers are expected to speak and sandusky will speak as well he is expected to receive 300 plus years in prison. we
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will have more from inside the court room. >> we will have our legal expert on the team to talk about the sentencing. >> the whether permanently removing mayor from office. he stated that it was related to an argument where he grabbed his wife and bruised her arm. he is on probation and and domestic violence meeting obama is waking up to day. the president is stained and he this waking up after a campaign event. he visited with about a hundred people who paid 20 grants police a peace. here
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is some video of that. he used this to rev up his supporters. >> governor romney is plan is skewered towards the wealthy. he has been pitching this for almost two years now. do not boo, just go and vote. he stood up on stage and promised dead his tax cuts would include the top one percent. but most of the economists have stated that governor run this plant will blow up the deficit or raise taxes on the middle class. it is one or the other. >> president obama is expected to take off at
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about 9:00 a.m. and will let you know how much impact this will have on your drive. >> record gas prices when a state wide so that average was at $4.64. >> jackie is an emerald builds to check the prices there. >> it is still f $4.75 for premium gas. gas prices have gone up so much that the two sf other from the federal trade commission to check
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why the prices have spiked so fast. you had the governor yesterday's state that we need to issue a winter blanket. take a look as some of these numbers they are unbelievable. california is a $4.67 and this is up 57¢ within one week. this will put california as the highest state for gas. san francisco prices may not go down. >> what goes up does not necessarily have to go down. >> let's give you a quick update on bay area sports. the the giants faced a do or die game. they have to win today to continue on. maybe they will get an advantage since they are at home and they will try to knock off the detroit tigers. the start time incests 6:07 p.m. the giants are away and they hold to keep their game going. the giants will have
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a start right in the afternoon. if they live on to say game 4. >> 7 07 a.m. is the time right now which will take a live look outside. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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>> american airlines has cut flights and added extra planes and crews. >> the time now 7: 11 we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes to get you going on this tuesday morning. attack allied look outside. you can see we do have clouds and we are looking at some shower activity that is happening off the coast. you talk about timing of that you 6 c1
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welcome back to the kron 41 in news and we're still watching the proceedings in pennsylvania. six of the victims are speaking addressing the judge as the justice licensing for sandusky. sandusky is facing up to 373 years in prison will bring about a dozen additional commission. >> and at 7: 151 of 8 the weather aly we head into tomorrow. so we can expect clouds temperatures below the seasonal average. it will be a bit more this weekend. let's check out satellite and radar. that system spinning closer toward us. and we have seen some light rain. this is north of the golden gate bridge and the wraparound we could see some showers between our south bay spot as we transition into tomorrow afternoon. can
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you may need it sporadically. by 3:00 p.m. your afternoon highs it looks like '60s and '70s around the bay area. things will cool down as we head into letter tonight into the 8:00 hour it looks like the majority of us will be in the fifties. chilly conditions which could see wind gusts as hi pre if not: con prevail for the north bay areas. 66 expected in san bruno. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows a pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine another cold front pushes through. because she showers into the evening hours for friday. past that
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it will lot of relatively quickly we will see more in the way of sunshine and sunday into monday will see for your warmest in areas. at 7: 17 that is sure whether let's see how the traffic is down. >> thanks erica things are starting to heat up in the traffic department. there are no hot spots there ismade. e east shore freeway. 21 to 22 minutes even from the nimitz freeway this is another one of those mornings where we've seen even the nimitz approach back up all the way over the toll plaza on 880 northbound. san mateo bridge likely in the next hour drive times will start to climb again. maybe some stop and go conditions. construction delays have been the problem for the last month. remember a bit later this month there will be two consecutive weekends when the san mateo bridge is closed to finish expansion
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work. the 101 southbound heavy volume now novato problems across the span. updating the traffic map and taking a look at some dry times. 24 minutes from hercules to berkeley on 80 westbound. 680 wiright
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getting heavier. san ramon valley not too bad 580 west --on the 2 05 dry cleaning out from tracy to the altamonte pass. a little heavier than usual on the guadalupe park northbound. concentrated solely on highway 37 down to lucas valley road in breaks up a bit and remains basically heavy down to central san raphael tried time reaching just over 30 minutes for 101 southbound. than 100 others have gotten sick. none of the deaths were in california. the star wars shots were used street back, shoulder, and the pain. many of the cases in this case have been mild. >> a california judge has approved a request from the puc to suspend public hearings of the deadly pg&e pipeline explosion. the explosion killed eight people and destroyed a lot of homes in san bruno that
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is what is being investigated now. yesterday's as we continue on yesterday's rulings mean negotiations are these guys to be levied are they going to happen behind closed doors. a news conference is being held on october 15th to spite the suspension of tinted to keep these open to the public. >> the california utilities public commission is going after two companies allege in their operating without proper permits cease and desist letters have been sent out to sidecar and lift. both companies issue state went on their web sites defending their business models. and pledging to work with the cdc to find some kind of happy medium. services have come under criticism for from local taxicab drivers claiming they're taking
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their fares of it cannot earn as much 20. over receive deceased and says the letter back in 2010 the california-based company the company still in operation today. >> the state has reached a $25 million settlement with the company that sells in of life policies. the company, for thought group income credit was failing to pay policyholder had died. payments on the benefits have to be made in a timely manner going forward. >> oakland city hall after anti afghanistan war protesters or those who were marching with them turned to vandalism and destroyed windows, doors and frank ogawa plaza in oakland. security was tight yesterday outside of the oakland city hall as they were during the cleanup of all that shattered glass . some
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oakland residents voiced their frustration with the demonstrators who are destroying public property. >> the system to make it is-
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when dosages of shows at oakland cannot have anything. you can't fight for now and if you keep fighting everything that's try to give us something. >> i think they're criminals to do something like that. >> regardless of who did you don't make a point by breaking glass that's all jerry sandusky has been seen since 23260 years in prison. convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse. we learn he had spoken about 10 minutes inside the courtroom. we assume he professed innocence as he did an ordeal recording that was released last night. we're waiting for the key parties t3cor back live here at the belfry in just a few moments as the key party come out and takes to the microphone. we'll be right back as we continue to follow jerry sandusky sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison.
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>> welcome back apple is responding to complaints about iphone 5 users about of clear showing up on models that they take.
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jerry sandusky leaving the court room. we understand he spoke for about 10 minutes. most likely professing his innocence as he did an overnight recording that has been released. the 68 year- old former penn state assistant coach with a 30 year prison sentence since ten. the judge issued the to to three mont of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. sandusky plans to appeal and is maintaining his innocence. a process his lawyer says will start in the coming weeks. sandusky continue to profess his innocence and say he's not a monster and says that he " the alleged disgusting acts. jerry sandusky's sentenced to 30-60 years in prison and we're on the courthouse steps as we're waiting to hear from the prosecutor. we will go back live to pennsylvania in a few moments. >> thank you mark that it over to the whether department we are following some showers not of the bay right now but just off
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shore. erica's tracking that. >> the morning a lot of that system has already moved south low pressure we did see some isolated showers north of the golden gate bridge. right now we're just contending with the cloud cover. tomorrow as we head into the afternoon hours some of those showers could wrap all around and hit some balls out a spot will probably want to keep an umbrella handy. we do have cloud cover to contend with in the form of low fault. visibility down to zero highly 101 at the 37 interchange just 1 mi. into santa rosa. i'm sure you when the temperatures are expecting to go in the next report. george. >> thank-you erica will attract a few slow spots where been monitoring here this morning. not hot spots is heavier for the ride.
7:33 am
some concentrated heavy traffic for your walk right into walnut creek. also looking at the white on the 1 01 northbound coming from highway 92 off it could be related to the early on in problems would have delayed construction work up near millbrae san bruno. the backup is still here from 92 heading north to bottle to 101 in the southbound direction we will update the drive times coming up chains. >> thank you george that's talk politics started. >> president barack obama is waking up in san francisco it is 7: 33 we're waiting for him to begin his ride to s f o. this is his 12th trip to santa school for fund raising. 100 people paid about $120,000 to have dinner ihe president is using te
7:34 am
been used to run up support. >> the centerpiece of my opponents economic plan is a five trillion dollar economic cut skewed toward the wealthy. he has been hitching this plan for two years now. no not to vote!. --novato don't blow fault.. moss who crushed the numbers say governor, is a plan would raise taxes on the middle- class. that is how arithmetic works. >> the president is set to
7:35 am
take off from s f o at 9: 25 this morning. >> i am barack obamas i approve this >> have you seen that new commercial its big bird feature in the new commercial that is out today released by president obama camp. it's a satirical look
7:36 am
at big bird because of romany mentioning in the debate last week he would cut the federal subsidy to sesame street pbs in order to help reduce the country's deficit. the obama campaign's says this will air on national tv and cable. you can see the vice presidential abate the one and only vice presidential showdopr e7 >> her husband called a neighbor friday night when she failed to pick him up the never went over to koe's home and found she had been killed. backs of possible evidence were
7:37 am
removed by the police they're hoping the evidence will fprovide leads. >> there were obvious that wounds there may be a small blood trail that we could not see with just the naked eye that possibly some tools to be brought in and equipment that will help us find those things. that is one of our hopes. >> and also another possible clue a support group out that the victim's car is missing a statewide hunt for that. the fbi will be at the co residents for the next several days as they for mount tam. wet weather
7:38 am
out there rate falling off shore right now we do expected to head our way they did this afternoon to discuss a 10 to 20 percent chance of a sprinkle or two. we will be back with more in one moment.
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>> jerry sandusky sentenced to 30 and no more than 60 years in the child sex abuse scandal. the latest that we are learning from the courtroom this morning, three of the victims spoke to the judge. one of them with a written statement. the judge in the case addressing the victim's telling them their courage in coming forward as adults like she would be there in his hand literally on the cement wall rather than being in bed with his wife i
7:42 am
think that's what he was using as an analogy to say what literally happen. >> was your reaction to the victim's statement. >> well i think we knew what they were going to be generally and we did not get a real time reaction. >> is there any time prior to the trial that there was a possibility that adding a gifted to result in adding approximately 20 years of my boss. >> the answer is no the reason is simple. as i said in court today and i've said many times before today jerry sandusky has always
7:43 am
maintained his innocence. there could have been discussions there may have been some deal that could of been worked out. but jerry sandusky wanted none of it. >> with those details of that deal. >> terry sandusky sentenced to 30-60 years in prison that means a 60 a bureau convicted sandusky on 45 counts of child sex abuse that's the latest year on the kron 4 news room as jerry sandusky's in some of these 30 years in prison.
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>> good morning will come back we do have some clout of the bay area right now looks like the wet weather we were tracking is still sitting offshore or have shifted to our south. lights prickles were some of our north pecos' thought. this afternoon there will be as light slight chance for a wet weather we will dicts by luy much everyone in the grain will see a plenty of widespread '60s. which consists of low seventies trickling in some of our south bay area along the delta. it will start to see much more yellow on your screen indicating where will
7:47 am
see the '70s. we do want to focus our attention on the afternoon highs neighborhood by neighborhood. 69 and out of fear is 70 for sunnyvale and santa clara. campbell coming in at 72 degrees are talking mid-70s for antioch. and 65 in san leandro. some later this afternoon for the north bay comfortable conditions there 72 for napa wey dense fog for some of our north bay area especially in the valleys proving for hazardous driving conditions. a pattern of morning fog that afternoon sunshine. temperatures at the seasonal average into the weekend however will see
7:48 am
that sunshine temperatures back into the '80s. we will start the next work week for the sickly and hasn't conditions around the bay. >> lot of slow traffic here first off the east bay your
7:49 am
ride on 680 and 242 southbound and the trip into walnut creek even in to alamo exceptionally slow this morning. so the 280 ride coming out of san jose it has not yet backed up
7:50 am
onto 680 southbound but it mademight. the peninsula ride still jammed here now coming up for a lower to mid nectu down the drive time have climbed from 12 to 16 to 18 minutes by stop and go conditions by the toll udm .6 >> pig is him for free?. >> i would imagine >> someone was fine for tickets cannot get them because the a's still have the tarp up there would not remove the tart with a figure it will be a sellout. >> i think if you somehow guarantee him lwoff was
7:51 am
acting as the boss with the fisher family if you said i guaranteed 55,000 seats will be sold he would take a tarp off. but you're only going to make maybe another 5000 why have the place to do with 20,000 in the seats make it look jam. have it ruled noisy players and go from there. >> and as we've seen i don't want to say they cannot do it the rookies have managed to pull it out. the look rookie orioles pitcher out and pitched with the game for the yankees and orioles. >> i tell you playoff baseball really elevates. when it comes to the playoffs and it's very exciting. >> i am still looking for the sideline stories in the one i like from the oil police and not state troopers there because you heard in the first game with the state troopers did to the in the dugout. the state troopers are supposed to guard the dugout it tonight inning and they ask dieter and switcher can we have your autograph.
7:52 am
>> the player said he was pretty this i'm busy that time i will give you later. >> if you are in a good move if you're feeling good it'll take you one second wouldn't it. >> you know what next time in the middle of your sports cast i will send a kid up to you as excuse me excuse me and like your autograph. >> i understand and theory that you want people--you
7:53 am
don't want people just coming out of the stand but it is a state trooper. >> i have a lot of nerve but i would not ask for that. >> i would not either but once the guy asked and i making these comments as i lie on my bed. it's so easy to say what you would do. it would take you just as long to sign an autograph if not shorter than to say what in the hail.
7:54 am
>> of mali spequickly on footbal because-that the jets are an embarrassment they are losing again. how come the just experiment is embarrassing when the 49ers' do it is like we are geniuses. >> leswe will see gary 7: 53 will be right back. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight.
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>> president obama will head back to the battleground state of ohio later on this morning he will be leaving as at all we will talk more about his itinerary and and one that may start to jam up the roadways. >> that a dog has been given out some big sneezes he has a sneezing fit we have that story coming up in a minute.
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>> good morning and the breaking news happening out pennsylvania this morning were jerry sandusky has learned his state. his sentence was handed down to have the latest in just a couple of minutes. >> in president obama is going to be leaving san francisco within the hour or so. you have details of his trip out of the bay area and whams thr e-- 101 into
8:01 am
san mateo backed up into redwood city the back of continues through palo alto and mountain view and all the way down to san jose. so basically from san jose all the way north up to s f o you are looking at a 92 minute drive time. and also another extremely heavy morning 4280 of the south bay this morning drive into cupertino coming up from san jose is running at 32 as we heard and to the
8:02 am
afternoon. i will show you what's on tap for your neighborhood coming up in just a bit. mark >> and our breaking news jerry sandusky has consistent from 30-60 years in prison. the sentence means a 68 year-old former penn state assistant coach will be in prison until he is close to 100 years old. tree
8:03 am
gratuitously giving him 100 to 200 years. the judge was sending a message that while what was done was serious and required retribution it git did not require gratuitous retribution. >> the lawyers say they're asking for this appeal they feel they did not have enough time to adequately prepare for the case. kron force legal analysts will join us on set talking more about what we saw today and what continues to develop out of pennsylvania. >> diet >> thanks a lot james 8: 03 provider meeting this afternoon to consider to decide whether to formally removed share, mirkarimi. he pleaded guilty back in march to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment related to an argument he got into on new year's eve with his wife for he grabbed his wife's car that bruce it. in domestic violence counseling. the mayor did commit official misconduct. >> president obama waking up in san francisco this morning this is 12 to the
8:04 am
city. the president visiting moand with more than 100 people. the president ended the evening with a fund raiser for 6000 supporters of obama use the venue to wrap up support with the election just around the corner. >> when governor romney said the centerpiece of my apartment economic plan is a five trillion dollar tax cut skewed toward the wealthy has been pitching this plan for almost two years now. >> no no bull vote as wise to avoid. he stood on stage during one of the deb includes p one percent he promised this. but most of the
8:05 am
economist who crunch the numbers said the governor promised land with either blow up the deficit or raise taxes on the middle-class. it won on the other. that's how the arithmetic works. >> and the unlikely star of last week's presidential debate is starring in a new ad released today from president of the mop of it's me big bird. >> that's a real at bat sarcastically cast big bird as a corporate thing along with others. kron said he would cut subsidies to sesame street's net for pbs in order to reduce the country's deficit. a reminder the vice president shall debate is coming up
8:06 am
thursday. the next presidential debate is set for thursday october 6th-- 16. in the newsroom as we continue to watch live pictures out pa. it looks as though the prosecution is talking about jerry sandusky's sentencing hearing. >> completely untethered from reality and without in the acceptance of responsibility he wasn't
8:07 am
entirely self focused as he was the victim. it was ridiculous. he has denied the existence. it was a litany of perversions the evidence. the defendant did not and will not in his complaint that he could not testify is a lie. he could never spoken in court as he did on television to reporters. what he is able as he spoke today and tragically this defendant was able to use his connections and position with respect to the power is tusche to further his crimes. adults with whom he interacted and observed him fail to recognize his of their behavior or worse they noticed it and chose to ignore it. even when reported his behavior when unchecked and i hope i hope , that in the near future a greater consideration of these victims and their needs is soon to occur. >> and again your listing to the prosecutors now the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case he was sentenced this morning to 30-60 years in prison. sandusky did speak for about 10 minutes
8:08 am
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>> the big breaking news story that happened to us
8:16 am
within the hour cherry sandusky sentenced to at least 30 years in prison which is the rest of his life. --jerry >> our legal expert john nance us now to talk more about--and joining us now. >> i think what is so stunning is not just the denial. but to face off with two of these victims of the jury has said they it. there are some criminals who have been prosecuted for 15 years who have either convince themselves or think if they keep alive going long enough it will somehow come true. this is a very very sick man. >> t know if they're going to send him to a maximum security prison or if they're going to keep him in isolation? >> this is a case by case situation but most of the prisoners that are hurt the most are child molesters. believe it or not there is a code of honor and prisons
8:17 am
and child molesters are usually in solitary confinement due to the nature of their crimes. >> have you seen anyone has had this kind of denial and the illusion come forward years later? >> most of these guys died
8:18 am
denying their crime. if i had to guess at this age committing this many times over this many years to still say that the only person that i had sex with was my wife, there is a good chance that he will die and never actually accept responsibility. that is a very sad thing. >> we watch the legal process here from months e politicians' voting on a politician. it is a super majority and nine have to vote to remove him. if they stand up and say it's either
8:19 am
not official misconduct because it was something done at home or there's enough evidence of something else. he would become shares today. >> if they say know you're out for good is this really the end of the road? them on the city of san francisco will move pretty quickly. if you look at the past cpsie into cupertino is heavy all the way from guadalupe parkway. we're looking at a
8:20 am
slower than usual traffic for 680 heading out of concord. i'm going to shave the bay bridge there is a big backup here. a 28 minute
8:21 am
drive time this morning coming out of the macarthur mays on highway 24. pierce the traffic from some children's hospital. once again stop and go conditions on san mateo bridge. and this is been going on for a month now with unusually heavy delays. it is all related to the construction that closes and the sale bridgends. fo1 bay area this hour. there's also a dense fog for some of our north bay bally's--of-leasvalleys. we will see clouds for most of the bay area and temperatures similar to what we saw yesterday. we could see and knocking off of a couple of degrees here in their blood upper 60s low seventies for the south bay monday was 60 degrees 70 reason sunnyvale mid-70s
8:22 am
for antioch 68 in union city upper 60s for the most part here mid-60's for upper san francisco and. if you're
8:23 am
going to the tires and verses the athletics came at 6:07 p.m.--tigers there is a potential for some wet weather. temperatures are on the cooler side and you will
8:24 am
not see much of a one off until saturday. upper 70's for your awareness in the areas. sunday and monday we will start to see some eighties freer and in spots. plenty of sunshine to go around and maybe even beach weather here with upper 60s for the coast. >> a live look out of emeryville this morning
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> george zimmerman now asking a florida judge to delay his trial. he is charged with second-degree murder of trade bond last weekyear. a texas mother of five is expected be sentenced today after a meeting to killing her two year-old daughter to a wall and beating her. all over potty training. the 22 be cared for her injuries.
8:28 am
cared for her injuries. >> will have a live report on th[ male announcer ]g up citibank's app for ipad >> will have a live report makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> there is a shot assam for cisco from our roof which
8:31 am
shows you--san francisco >> one of the worst hot spots as the bay shore community 11 north along the peninsula along the south bay. try times have only drive slightly it still 85 minutes. in san mateo is to come to the south bay from the one-on-one. also interstate 280 is still at almost 35 minute drive from downtown san jose. the san mateo bridge sadly again with drive times pushing exports of 18 to 24 minutes with sometimes stop and go conditions as far east as the toll plaza taking over to the base oh on the way of morning clouds and we actually saw some scattered showers north of the golden gate bridge. into tonight we will see more cloud covers with temperatures sitting in the '50s and '60s. tomorrow partly sunny conditions with
8:32 am
the potential for some rain. full details will be coming up on that just a bit. >> jerry sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years and a child old former penn state assistant coach will be in prison until he is at least 90 years old. this comes three months after sandusky was convicted of 34 counts of child sex abuse. . is being led away from the court room. he maintains his innocence and says that he will appeal. sandusky professed his innocence saying he is not a monster and he did not do the " alleged disgusting acts. >> a sound bite from the chief prosecutor the deputy attorney general. sandusky for trade and self as a victim during the entire process and this morning as well. >> frankly the of defendants who statements and behavior to they were consistent with his behavior throughout
8:33 am
the trial. he displayed deviance narcissism and the lack of feeling towards other. also an unwillingness to accept responsibility. his statement today was a masterpiece of banal self delusion. completely untethered from reality and without any acceptance of responsibility he was entirely self focused as if he was the victim. it was, in short of ridiculous. >> sandusky wilson and no less than 30 years in prison and no more than 60 years. --will spend >> continue to track gas prices they went up statewide a penny over night. the average is $4.67 a gallon. that's 50¢ more than we're paying a week ago. jackie sissel is alive and emeryville
8:34 am
>> it's almost unprecedented the amount of the prices went up in just a week. that makes california the highest in the country by far. in fact is by 20¢ over the second place gas prices in
8:35 am
the country. so much so that two of our senators have called for two separate investigations. one for the federal trade commission the other for the department of justice to figure out exactly why these prices went up so quickly. earlier this morning addicted a chance to see them lower the prices and emeryville the says at $4.67 a gallon. we go out and talk to these people about what they think about these gas prices as almost like asking them what they think about a root canal. there's nothing you can do about it. everybody comes up to us twitter and these prices in the first question asked me as one of the going down. -test wiwhen are
8:36 am
they going down? >> the prices drop from yesterday's today a penny or 5¢. but that was yesterday and mike jacki was saying everyone has noticed that they've raised prices fast and lower the prices slowly. >> good news for the athletics is that the game is at home as they try to knock out the detroit tigers. fred anderson on the mound starting for the athletics. the game starts at 6 o 7:00 p.m.:07pm the reds game starts at 2:37
8:37 am
p.m. our time. >> president morocco obama will be heading out of s f o adthis morning. this is his 12th trip to raise money and raise money he did. the president ended his night with a fund-raiser for 6000 supporters. he's trying
8:38 am
raise support for the election that is just around the corner. at around the no longer trail's president obama and romney. 67 percent of his voters supporters support him strongly. you can watch the one and only vice- presidential debate this thursday and then the next presidential debate which is october 16th in york and their entirety on our 247 news channel comcast's 193 or digital 4.2. >> we're getting reports of a multiple vehicle collision near crosswalk at turner elementary school aht driver ay jumped out and ran off.
8:39 am
they're looking for the person who was behind the wheel. one of the victims person who was behind the wheel. one of the victims was a boy, this could be a when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone
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8:42 am
>> of the canteen attract hot spots throughout the south bay. we're looking at a slower than usual traffic. the 1 01 north on this heavy all the way past mom view into palo alto. 280 out of downtown and to cupertino is a solid wall of traffic up to saratoga. the san mateo bridge ride with the commute time at 22 minutes which is twice the normal average try time. --drive th >> we'll be watching the weather with erica with a few showers in off the coast. we'll be right back as the kron4 morning news continues.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
then i some information just and regarding the accident at turner
8:47 am
elementary school and antioch at delta fare boulevard. there is a witness who has called into our newsroom reporting that the situation developed like this. a car speeding along delta fare boulevard struck another vehicle and then flipped into the crosswalk at that school. that is one that stru 3 situation where a helicopter is kind to come in and carry these >> jerry sandusky was sentenced to 30 years in prison until he's just about death hundred years old for abusing 10 young boys and overt aid. of time. the former assistant coach was sentenced this morning. he maintains his innocence and plans to appeal.
8:48 am
gas prices remained at record level even though we saw them go down last night pay a penny. they are still about 40 or 50¢ more than we were paying last week. the average is $4.73 a gallon. president obama is making his way to s f o and departing at 9:25 a.m. leading san francisco where he had a bunch of fund- rabright nplenty of sunshine in traffic on the golden gate
8:49 am
bridge. let's check in with george. >> daria we have been checking in number of hot spots this morning it seems that we have a slow rider on the bay area. the 11 around the peninsula in the san and the bay has drive times to about 75 minutes from san jose to north millbrae. it is a solid wall of traffic on the 11.ways highway the walnut creek camp which was
8:50 am
backed up has east but it is still heavy into the san ramon valley. not much improvement for the san mateo bridge we're still looking at a 22 minute drive time from the toll plaza towards foster city. this caused by construction at the base of the high-rise. the bay bridge toll plaza still backed up into the and acs and to san francisco. at
8:51 am
8:49 a.m. here is erica >> good morning we're have some clouds that we're holding on to. downtown san francisco is still pretty chilly holding onto the upper '40's through santa rosa. a little bit warmer for east bay with mild conditions there. upper 50s for oakland 52 for san mateo and sunnyvale is coming in at a chilly 49. feature cast for shows lunch time everyone in the grain, pretty comfortable)+d e
8:52 am
see the potential for the showers for the south. in the meantime the seven a round of a forecast looks like temperatures are relatively consistent for the rest of the workweek. cold front pushes through on friday and with that we could see some scattered showers. saturday and sunday proved to be dry and we will or it it has calmed down lifted. --hold first off that is baumgartner himself he is 43 years old and that is the bologna as kind be riding in. the capsule that will carry him all the way up or
8:53 am
talking 23 mi. high he will jump out and begin that massive free fall. he is a former parish to this so he is no stranger to falling out of an aircraft. -- parachutes be >> still had a dog named oliver has a sneak attack that is sure to make you smile. i sneeze like that. a live look outside and hour sunshine. we will be right back.
8:54 am
alright let's break it down.
8:55 am
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a dog named oliver cannot
8:57 am
stop sneezing. this antwe're sag it's kind of like watching him eat peanut butter. this
8:58 am
was on you ttube. he is sensitive to black pepper. he seems better now. >> we will be back following the latest out of pennsylvania. jerry sandusky sentenced to 30 years in prison. president obama scheduled to leave san francisco this morning at sfo. it is when or go home for the athletics and the
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> we began with breaking news out of the east bay. this morning in multi vehicle accidents injures three people at an elementary school crosswalk. it happened just outside of turner elementary school and antioch. at the intersection of delta fare boulevard right next to the mall there. right behind it actually. three people were hit in the crosswalk and here is this an area as we understand from witnesses who have called into our news from. a little after 8:00 a.m. a car that was speeding through the neighborhood struck a second vehicle flipped and injured three people in the
9:01 am
crosswalk. one was one of the people injured was a boy the other was the crossing guard who was panned between the car in a nearby house. the condition has been described as serious and a medevac helicopter is on its way. one more of those victims need to be transported to the nearest trauma center. they'll be taken to the john deere center in walnut creek. the suspect behind the wheel according to witnesses on the scene but jumped out of to a trauma center. there were three people injured at the crosswalk at turner elementary school. as more information comes and we will come back and give you updates. >> now on to weather and traffic. >> we are tracking a slow
9:02 am
move from the bay area freeways especially here from the san mateo bridge for the drive times are still upwards of 20 minutes to get over to foster city. that should be in 11 minute drive. we are running about twice the normal speed. it is the amount of construction delays and and jamming up the morning commute. the ride to the bay bridge this morning finally starting to improve a bit. that is still here on highway 580 backup of a way to 24 and 24 is backed up all 8
9:03 am
sometimes they stop and go mostly slow until it is a 90 minute drive time headed up from san jose toward milford on the 11 northbound. the 280 is still damp here trying to get from downtown out to cupertino. >> it was cloudy earlier this morning and we saw some credit clouscattered showers. an hayward and expect temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-70s this afternoon. temperatures are still below average with a slight potential for wet weather as we had until tomorrow. full details on your extended forecast hour straight ahead. >> jerry sandusky was sentenced just over an hour ago to 30 years in prison-- at least 30 years in prison. the sentence means a 68 year-old former assistant coach will be imprisoned until he is 98 years old. the judge issued the sentence three months after sandusky was convicted of 35 counts of child sexual
9:04 am
abuse. sandusky continue to profess his innocence saying he is not a monster and he did not give the alleged disgusting acts. sandusky's defense attorneys plan to
9:05 am
appeal. the process will likely begin in a couple of weeks. adair say they're pleased with the judge's sentence. >> the judge could have gratuitously given him a hundred years to 200 years to hundred 5300. the judge was sending a message saying that while what was done was serious and required is you're gonna die in prison too.
9:06 am
>> he has 10 days to appeal the sentence. >> president obama is set to leave pass at all in the next few minutes after holding fund-raisers and san francisco. >> he will be coming from the internet intercontinental hotel had to sfo it should take about president obama will leave here. it was a very profitable visit he will be leading with about $4 million. he went to 3 stops
9:07 am
along the way here one for $40,000 and another one for $20,000 and he met with 6000 people at the civic auditorium where was only $200 but if you factor in 6000 people believe san francisco his 12th visit with $4 million. this could theoretically be his last time to visit san francisco as president. the election and a moment. >> we will keep track of that analysis at a fat affect your movement around san francisco and the next half hour. the unlikely star last week's presidential debate is now starring in an ad that is out today released by the president's campaign. >> i'm a rock, and i approve this message. the evil genius to tower over them? one man has the guts to speak his name-bait byrbig bird >> it is because of last week's debate met army said that he would cut the
9:08 am
funding to sesame street's network pbs to reduce the day since deficit. you will see this ad on national tv and cable. >> [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy.
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same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> the time is now 911 a.m. -11
9:12 am
9:13 am
a.m.. we're seeing slight improvements as the drive time is a complete traffic checp looking at the rest of the high spots coming up. >> the giants as well as the athletics facing elimination if they cannot win today. brett anderson has a must win starting assignment for the a's aga few minutes ago and we are watching the president. probably some delays coming down the one- on-one as they're blocking the entrances to let the president's motorcade passed through. we will be backbe
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> we are still tracking a lot of slow traffic around the bay area. our first half spot continues to be the south bay looking at the one-on-one north and it is jammed all the way almost to alameda city. it has been a rough one-on-one commute, to 80 would be a good alternate for you to that. to 80 and one-on-one this where cameras located in the currency that's where some of the slowest traffic is. this begins well before the interchange begins. continuing with a look a ride on 92 san mateo bridge action before that was close to the san ramon valley. 680 southdown is st ill heavy way
9:17 am
into alamo slow and to
9:18 am
danville out of san ramon on the northbound side of the freeway. marin is still way behind schedule here for the south one-on-one ride. this and the sale bridge would try times startlinfinally startg to drop a little bit. >> we are seeing the sunshine of those still contending with a mixture of midlevel clouds. hour montana clam is showing a chilly start to the morning. we have some improvement 52 degrees and senate rosa 50 and sent concord 53 in san jose. as we check out with pretty comfortable conditions upper 60s palo loma santa rosa at 68 sander fell there is a fair amount of clouds were talking upper 50s for ocean beach. upper 60's and 70's and the like hell. the elimination games
9:19 am
for the a--of vallejo. low sixties for the most part
9:20 am
with this by potential for wet weather. bring your reindeer. the seven day around the bay--brainedrain gear >> if you're having problems with the apple iphone 5 apple says it is not the phone is you. people have been complaining about a purple flyer showing up in their finals tha the only fix&3
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> he is leaving here with $4 million. theoretically this could be his last visit to san francisco as our president because we do not know he will be back before now and election time. the will to have to wait and see if he returns. this is a very important and busy day for him. he is going directly to the ohio where once he hits the ground he will be making stops there as well. >> they're setting the front doors but as you look at the back they still have to load the rest of the address that travels with the president. the press and has can that
9:24 am
is accompanying him on this track is still filing in. -- trip you will see air force one take off and just a moment. this is a quick process and they will take off momentarily. the time is 9:24 a.m. and we'll be back in just a couple of minutes.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
9:28 am
>> braking is out of the east bay a multi vehicle
9:29 am
accident injures three people in an elementary school crosswalk. this happened and antioch in front of turner elementary school ol. the car that caused the accident was speeding through the area hit another car that flipped over and stand at the crossing guard into a house. three people are said to have suffered serious injuries. the driver of the car was said to have jumped out of the car and ran into the neighborhood. two helicopters did in fact leave the scene not long ago for john muir. that is the most information that we have received. keep it tend to kron4 and we will update you as we learn more. -- attuned >> after yesterday's holiday
9:30 am
the traffic is back with a vengeance today. san jose and not just the one on one but it is indicative of how slow the ride is on the south bay freeway. even in the diamond age of the lanes they are so jammed up up towards mountain view and a bit beyond. one-on-one the location of our camera and the drive times are still over 25 minutes from the monty this press play. montesquieu expressway. >> we do have sunshine around the bay area with temps are around the '60s and '70s as we transition into the afternoon. we do have the potential for showers into tomorrow
9:31 am
mostly for ourself bay locations. i'll have more details straight ahead. >> police in west oakland are investigating what they call a double homicide. two men were shot in a vehicle in west oakland last night just before 10 on the 1000 block of filbert st.. after the victims were shot that came to least 98 years old. he was convicted on 34 counts of child sexual abuse. he maintains his innocence saying he is not a monster and did not do the " alleged disgusting acts. terry sandusky's defense attorneys plan to appeal the
9:32 am
process is likely to begin in the accompanying weeks. they say they're pleased with the judge's sentence. >> the judge could gratuitously given him a hundred to 200 or 300 years. all the judge is saying there was some serious and required retribution but it did not require a gratuitous retribution. i think he balance it out with a good they jerry has done. >> sandusky is in prison and has started his sentence but as defense a team will repeal.
9:33 am
>> there is a vigil for it to honor the life of 55 year-old susie co. her husband called a neighbor on friday when she did not show up to pick him up for the airport. the neighbor found her there. she had been murdered. an fbi team of investigators is at the close family house they were removing possible backs of evidence. they're hoping to get some clues as to who did this. >> we are particularly looking for are the amounts of small amounts of blood. there was an obvious stab wound in some blunt force trauma and there may be a small blood trail that we could not see with the naked guy. they could possibly approving a request to
9:34 am
assist in the public air hearings over the pg&e explosion of the pipeline in brno in 2010. it damaged 38 homes. negotiations were for fines that were to be held against the 80 closed doors. they're fighting the suspension to keep the hearings public. >> state officials now say about 600 patients in california that recall tainted shot. the medications given out at by four facilities and patients are being notified. 13,000 people across the country got the shots and nine people have died. more than a hundred others have gotten sick but none of the desk or and california. this has spurred used to treat pain
9:35 am
in the back shoulders and knees. meningitis is an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. many cases have been mild. >> gas prices are at a record high with san francisco at $4.73 a gallon. san jose and oakland are sitting at $4.67 a gallon. the gas prices are leveling off, hopefully before they start to drop. >> we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes and here's a live look outside and you can see that there is no wind but there are clouds in the distance. we'll be right back. happiness located?
9:36 am
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9:44 am
>> welcome back we have rob black who will take a look at our trading. >> let's talk about some of the bay area stocks. zinged the nisei loser to thasocial gam bad to worse. 75 percent is down. cuts are coming andzenga is a failure. we et's talk aboutought in cheap money. government is giving cheap money. mortgages have been lord and
9:45 am
corporations are defined as living but they too are borrowing money. >> 91.9 billion cash has been issued. china is 7 percent in growth and all of this corporate borrowing is setting them up to make new factories, new marketing campaigns and to make them more profitable. does this help the u.s. government? she chewe >> yes. everyone looks at our trillion dollars that we keep borrowing. at least we are losing at lolow-cost interest rates. >> let's talk in tel. not good. nike announced that it will do some cuts. they stated that they would put money into manufacturing but that is not good. intel had
9:46 am
a good year in the beginning but this is a bay area company and they are struggling. it is out of sync and their stock was doing very well. it is a tip of the hat to what apple is doing. intel is trying to push to mobil. maybe this is
9:47 am
the problem. >> 9:46 a.m. and we will not take a look at the weather and trafhis is a problem for flights that are arriving. as we focus our attention on afternoon high it looks like we will see the upper 60s for redwood city. turning our attention to the east bay it will be made '60s for san leandro. it will be 72 degrees for napa and downtown san
9:48 am
francisco will be at 65 degrees. we will see clear conditions around the bay area other than that the wet weather is far to the west. we are seeing a mixture of sun and clouds and temperatures are below the seasonal average. it actually looks like we will see some showers to our south ahead into tomorrow. in the >> it was sadly we are looking at south bay freeway as a hot spot. take a look at our san jose camera that the ride on one
9:49 am
01 is where it enters 101 north. it is expected to be slow on your drive. things will not pick up unto you hit highway 85. still heavy into sarah told of. the ride upon to 80 is still heavy as well. and let's look at the bay bridge and the toll plaza. there is some relief for that 880 approach coming from the 580 you are still backed up to about 16 minutes for your drive. >> it is 9:48 a.m.. there is a crash and antioch that injured people that were at a crosswalk at a school. what is going on right now jackie? >> that antioch police department is out here on the scene and one of the
9:50 am
cars that were involved in that accident and the crosswalk where the accident happened. a second car is on its side and in the driveway of a nearby house. according to witnesses a car traveling down one street at an alarming rate of speed crashed into one car and then three people that were on the crosswalk. it was a crossing guard one other a dog and a child. we do not know how old the child was. the child was taken to ground transportation to another hospital in the area and we also heard that the car that landed in the driveway waswas on fire
9:51 am
and that the person driving the vehicle took off running. there are a lot of parents here to pick up on delta of and then school street is where the actual turner school dislocated. the damage of the front end of this car is shown. for one car to go into day another carter and people standing it must have been going in an alarming rate of speed. at a clock in the morning around school any alarming hybrid speed is not good. i am not sure rather
9:52 am
9:53 am
not the person driving the car has been caught. >> we are showing you a few clouds but some showers are on the way.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> welcome back. we are waiting for mr. baumgartner to make that jump. this high altitude jump is expected to happen sometime this morning but we will have to wait and see. he is going tough fall faster than an airplane flies. and why cannot we put him in a big
9:57 am
slingshot? >> it he is going to try to break the sound barrier and this is some type of evil cunning bolting. it here is a live look. we have four minutes to the window closes. >> mr. and mrs. money be bag . neimuan and marcus will debut their christmas book. >> that is it for this
9:58 am
morning and we hope that you return tomorrow morning. dr. phil is of next.
9:59 am

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